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Here’s the big picture:

Former US top strategist Zbignew Brzezinski said: “It is IMPERATIVE that no Eurasian challenger emerges capable of dominating Eurasia and thus also challenging America”. Because the US has just 4% of world’s population, and it’s isolated from Eurasia which has 70% of world’s population, or 87% with Africa included. Defensively, it’s a benefit to the US, but economically, it’s a handicap. That’s why, Eurasia is a competitor to the US and the Euro is a threat to the dollar.

How the US with an isolated 4% of world’s population stays a world hegemon? The dollar must stay as the world’s reserve currency. This allows the size of the US economy to be highly scaled up, instead of being limited by the fundamentals.

To be the world’s reserve currency, the dollar must circulate in the world. The US created a huge consumption economy and moved manufacturing outside, so that dollars flow out of the US to manufacturers like China or Japan. To make products, China and Japan need energy. So dollar is then circulated to Saudi mandated by the Petrol-dollar scheme. With the US stock and financial market much more lucrative than others, the dollars from Saudi are attracted back to the US. Money printed in the US to exchange for goods from outside ends up in Wall Street, where the rich gets richer. And that completes the cycle of circulation of the dollar.

If China or Japan brings back all the dollars and exchange to their local currencies, it inflates the local currencies, making their exports expensive. So, China and Japan use some of the dollars to buy US debts (Treasury Securities). That’s why the US, a rich country, is in-debt to China which has just 1/5th of the US’ GDP/cap. By holding US debts, China and Japan have to support the dollar.

Since the US’ debt is in its own currency, it can simply print more dollar to pay interests. Other countries have to earn dollars to pay their debts, failing which results in defaults.

In 2011 Obama announced “Pivot to Asia” to stop China’s rise. In 2013 China responded with the Belt and Road Initiatives (BRI) and diverted some US debts into BRI projects, to avoid keeping all eggs in one basket. The BRI creates new economies, therefore new trade markets for China.

If Asia and Africa develop, the share of the US’ economy shrinks, then Euro could replace dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Then the US would no longer be able to print money freely without a hyperinflation like in Venezuela. And the size of the US economy has to fall back to the fundamentals, which is a lot smaller than the inflated economy. That’s why no country in Eurasia is allowed to catch up with the US’ economy. When Japan was catching up fast on the US in late 80s, it’s knocked down to a 3-decade stagnancy by rising Yen (Plaza Accord). And in the last 30 years, the US created wars and color revolutions in the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa to destabilise Afro-Eurasia, and the World Bank & IMF keep them poor.

As the US prints lots of money, other countries’ dollar reserves shrink. Furthermore, to prevent exports to the US becoming expensive, these countries have to print money too, which devalues the savings of the people and causes inflation. It’s estimated that our savings devalue by 6~9% per year after the abolishment of the gold-backed Bretton Woods system, after which the US prints money based on just the creditability of the dollar.

Free money allows the US to have a big military, and the big military, in return, protects the dollar.

For the record, the US had no mercy on threats to the dollar:

  • In 2000 Saddam Hussein said he would sell oil in Euros not Dollars.

    Saddam was hanged by the US.
  • In 2009 Gaddafi wanted to make Libya export oil in pan-African Gold Dinars, not in dollar or Euro.

    Gaddafi was killed by US & Sarkozy-backed NTC.
  • Iran has been trading oil in currencies other than US dollars since 2011.

    Iran was sanctioned by the US.
  • After being sanctioned in 2014, Putin started to trade in non-dollar. By 2019, Putin (1) completely ditched dollars in oil trades, (2) sold almost all US debts, (3) is now the forerunner in de-dollarization.

    The US tried to topple Putin by supporting Alexei Navalny, sanctioned Russia, demanded the termination of Nord Stream II, and now the Ukraine war to weaken Russia.
  • China (1) created the BRI, (2) uses non-dollar in oil trades with Iran & Russia, (3) introduced the CIPS, an alternative to the SWIFT system which is weaponized by the US to sanction others, (4) China’s economy and high-tech are catching up fast.

    The US started a hybrid war against China: Trade war in 2018. Hong Kong color revolution in 2019. Tech war (Huawei ban, EUV banned from ASML). Got Australia into a trade war with China in 2020. Launched “Uyghur Genocide” & “Forced Labor” propagandas against Xinjiang (XJ), which is the hub of the BRI, to cut off the BRI. Sanctioned goods from XJ to create joblessness and uprising against the gov. After XJ was stabilized by China, the US orchestrated a coup in Jan ‘22 in Kazakhstan, located right next to XJ, to cut off the BRI. In Aug ‘22, Pelosi visited Taiwan to provoke a civil war.

If a country supports the dollar, it is looted by the US; if a country doesn’t support the dollar, the gov is changed by the US. This is financial slavery.

The US can’t have direct wars with Russia and China as they are nuclear armed. Proxy wars put the battlefields outside of the US, and also allow the US to disguise as an outsider. In the 1980s, the US supported the Afghan Mujaheddin in a similar proxy war against the USSR and weakened it.

Russia and China have clear redlines (Russia: Ukraine a neutral buffer + Ethnic Russian’s safety in Donbas. China: “One China principle”). The US used its proxies Zelensky and Tsai to push across the redlines to provoke wars, and get its allies to support the wars. As disclosed by Poroshenko in June ‘22, Merkel & Hollande in Dec ‘22, the Minsk agreements in 2014/15 were intended to buy time to arm Ukraine against Russia, not to seek peace. The US occupied Afghanistan for 20 years, but it finally left in Aug ‘21, evidently to prepare for the Ukraine war 6 months later. Shelling in Donbas by Ukrainian forces up 2800% since 16 Feb ‘22 (OSCE data), crossing Putin’s redline 2 (Maidan coup 2014=redline 1). And Pelosi visited Taiwan in Aug ‘22, after which China surrounded Taiwan with battleships.

The US’ strategy against China-Russia has always been “one at a time” to avoid pushing them together. The move to put Russia forward amidst the on-going hybrid war against China, was due to a major development:

The Fed has issued 80% of all US dollars in market in just 24 months. There was $4 trillion in circulation at the beginning of 2020. The number reached $20 trillion by Oct ‘21, amounting to a 31 trillions debt. Coupled with a global movement to diversify into non-dollar reserves fuelled by US sanctions & dollar creditability, the US economy and the dollar are in a crisis.

The US proxy war in Ukraine:

1.Divided Russia from Europe. As the first NATO Sec-Gen, Hastings Ismay described: “To keep America IN, to keep Russia OUT, to keep Germany DOWN”. NATO also allows the US to station missiles in Europe, keeping the US safe across the Atlantic.

2.Halted Nord Stream 2, and German firm Energie Baden-Wuerttemberg signed up gas from America Venture Global LNG for 20 years. >the US wrestled from Russia the control of energy to Europe. As George Friedman of US think tank Chicago Council OGA said in 2015:”The US’ primary fear is the combination of German technologies and Russian resources” and he predicted a war in Europe within a decade. And Condoleezza Rice said in 2014:”You (Europe) want to depend more on the North American energy platform, the enormous bounty of oil and gas we’re finding in America, not on pipelines through Ukraine or Russia.”

3.Helps moving industries back to the US soil by de-industrializing Europe, as indicated by: (i) The US’ sabotage of N.S. pipelines and US gas sold 4x the price, (ii) The US’ proposed sanction on Algeria after Macron visited Algeria for a gas deal in Aug ‘22, (iii) The foiled sabotage on TurkStream pipeline which feeds Russian gas to Europe via Turkey in Oct ‘22, (iv) The US’ Inflation Reduction Act in Aug ‘22 which pulls capitals from Europe.
Note: The US already bagged TSMC of Taiwan.

4.Strengthened the dollar by weakening Euro. A strong dollar and the Fed’s timely interest rise, created a giant magnet attracting capitals from all over the world into the US. Only twice in history dollar is above Euro, both after a war in Europe: NATO's bombing of Serbia (2 months after Euro became the currency of EU) and Ukraine.

5.Created continuity for the Military Industrial Complex after Afghanistan.

Despite self-damaging, the EU still gives unconditional support to Ukraine. In fact, two European countries (Ukraine and Germany’s N.S.) were attacked in 2022, NATO helped Non-Ally Ukraine, but Ally Germany was ignored. There are 4 other wars going on, for e.g. the Yemen war which killed half mil ppl and starving 16 mil. No one cares, because Saudi is an ally, and the war was lobbied by Raytheon. It’s NEVER about justice. Boris Johnson visited Kiev 3 times, to prevent Zelensky a peace talk w Russia. Leaders in Europe, the Transatlantics (US-aligned elites), are pinning hopes on Ukraine defeating Russia to say job done to Washington. Zelensky is advertised a hero to get public support.

The US is pushing Europe and Asia into wars. Remember after WW2, Europe and Asia were devastated, but the US emerged from the Great Depression, became the world leader and the dollar became the world’s reserve currency.

前美国最高战略家布热津斯基说:"欧亚大陆的任何挑战者都不可能主宰欧亚大陆,从而挑战美国,这是当务之急。" 因为美国人口只占世界人口的4%,而且与欧亚大陆隔离开来,欧亚大陆人口占世界人口的70%,即包括非洲在内的87%。 防御方面,这对美国有利,但在经济上却是一个障碍。 这就是为什么欧亚大陆是美国的竞争对手,而欧元是对美元的威胁。

占世界人口4%的美国如何保持世界霸主地位? 美元必须继续作为世界储备货币。 这使得美国经济规模得以大幅扩大,而不是受基本面限制。

要成为世界储备货币,美元必须在世界范围内流通。 美国创造了巨大的消费经济,并将制造业转移到国外,因此美元从美国流向中国或日本等制造商。 为了生产产品,中国和日本需要能源,因此美元就会按照石油美元计划的规定流通给沙特。 由于美国股市和金融市场比其他国家更有利可图,沙特的美元被吸引回美国。 在美国印刷的货币用于从外部交换商品,最终流入华尔街,富人变得更加富有。 这就完成了美元的流通周期。

一 如果中国或日本将所有美元带回并兑换成本国货币,就会使本国货币膨胀,使其出口变得昂贵。 因此,中国和日本使用一些美元来购买美国国债(国债)。 这就是为什么作为一个富裕国家的美国对中国负债累累,而中国的GDP/上限仅为美国的五分之一。 通过持有美国债务,中国和日本必须支持美元。

由于美国的债务是以本国货币计算的,它只需印出更多的美元来支付利息。 其他国家必须赚取美元来偿还其债务,否则将导致违约。

2011年,奥巴马宣布"亚洲支点"以阻止中国的崛起。 2013年,中国以"一带一路"计划(BRI)作为回应,并将美国的一些债务转用于BRI项目,以避免把所有鸡蛋放在一个篮子里。 BRI创造了新的经济,从而为中国创造了新的贸易市场。

如果亚洲和非洲发展起来,美国经济的份额就会缩小,那么欧元就可能取代美元成为世界储备货币。 然后,美国将不再能够在没有像委内瑞拉那样的恶性通货膨胀的情况下自由印钞。 美国经济的规模必须回归基本面,这比膨胀的经济要小得多。 这就是为什么欧亚大陆没有一个国家被允许赶上美国经济的原因。 当日本在80年代后期迅速追赶美国时,日元(Plaza Accord)的上涨将其推向了30年的停滞期。 在过去的30年里,美国在中东、中亚和非洲制造了战争和颜色革命,以破坏非洲-欧亚大陆的稳定,而世界银行和国际货币基金组织却让他们处于贫困状态。

一 随着美国发行大量钞票,其他国家的美元储备也在萎缩。 此外,为了防止对美国的出口变得昂贵,这些国家也必须印钞票,这使人们的储蓄贬值并导致通货膨胀。 据估计,在废除以黄金为后盾的布雷顿森林体系之后,我们的储蓄每年贬值6~9%,之后美国根据美元的信誉印钞。



  • 2000年,萨达姆·侯赛因说,他将用欧元而不是美元出售石油。

  • 2009年,卡扎菲希望让利比亚出口石油以泛非黄金第纳尔,而不是美元或欧元。

  • 伊朗自2011年以来一直以美元以外的货币交易石油。

  • 在2014年受到制裁后,普京开始进行非美元贸易。 到2019年,普京(1)在石油贸易中完全抛售美元,(2)抛售了几乎所有美国债务,(3)现在是去美元化的先行者。

    美国试图推翻普京,支持阿列克谢·纳瓦尔尼(Alexei Navalny),制裁俄罗斯,要求终止北流二期(Nord Stream II),现在又发动乌克兰战争削弱俄罗斯。
  • 中国(1)建立了BRI,(2)在与伊朗及俄罗斯的石油贸易中使用非美元;(3)引入了CIPS,这是美国武器化制裁其他国家的SWIFT系统的替代方案;(4)中国经济和高科技正在迅速追赶。

    美国发动了一场针对中国的混合战争:2018年的贸易战。 2019年的香港色彩革命。 技术战争(华为禁令,欧盟禁止ASML)。 让澳大利亚在2020年与中国展开贸易战。 发动"维吾尔族灭绝种族"和"强迫劳动"宣传,打击新疆,新疆是复兴工业的中心,切断复兴工业。 制裁XJ的物品制造失业和反抗政府的起义。 在XJ被中国稳定后,美国于1月22日在位于XJ旁边的哈萨克斯坦策划了一场政变,以切断BRI。 八月二十二日,佩洛西访问台湾挑起内战。

如果一个国家支持美元,它就会被美国掠夺; 如果一个国家不支持美元,政府就会被美国改变。 这就是金融奴役。

美国不可能与俄罗斯和中国发生直接战争,因为它们拥有核武器。 代理战争将战场置于美国之外,也允许美国伪装成局外人。 20世纪80年代,美国支持阿富汗圣战者组织(Mujaheddin)对苏联发动了类似的代理战争,并削弱了它。

俄罗斯和中国有明确的红线(俄罗斯:乌克兰是中立的缓冲区+顿巴斯的俄罗斯种族安全。 中国:"一个中国原则"。 美国利用其代理人泽伦斯基和蔡英文越过红线挑起战争,并让其盟友支持战争。 正如波罗申科在6月22日披露的那样,默克尔和奥朗德在12月22日披露的那样,2014/15年的明斯克协议旨在争取时间来武装乌克兰对抗俄罗斯,而不是寻求和平。 美国占领阿富汗20年,但最终在8月21日离开,显然是为了6个月后的乌克兰战争做准备。 乌克兰军队在顿巴斯的炮击自2月16日以来增加了2800%(欧安组织数据),跨越了普京的红线2(Maidan政变2014=红线1)。 佩洛西在8月22日访问了台湾,之后中国用战舰包围了台湾。

一 美国对中俄的战略一直是"一次一个",以避免将它们推到一起。 在正在进行的针对中国的混合战争中,将俄罗斯推向前进的举动是由于一个重大发展:

美联储在短短24个月内就发行了80%的美元。 到2020年初,流通量达到4万亿美元,到10月21日达到20万亿美元,相当于31万亿债务。 随着美国制裁和美元信誉推动全球转向非美元储备,美国经济与美元正陷入危机。


1.将俄罗斯从欧洲分割出去。 正如北约第一任副秘书长黑斯廷斯·伊斯梅所描述的那样:"让美国留在欧洲,让俄罗斯留在俄罗斯,让德国留在欧洲",北约也允许美国在大西洋彼岸部署导弹,保证美国的安全。

2.停止北流2号,德国能源公司Energie Baden-Wuerttemberg与美国风险投资全球液化天然气公司签订了20年的天然气合同。 >美国从俄罗斯手中夺取了能源控制权。 正如美国智囊团芝加哥OGA的乔治·弗里德曼(George Friedman)在2015年所说:"美国最担心的是德国技术和俄罗斯资源的结合",他预测欧洲将在十年内爆发战争。 康多莉扎·赖斯在2014年曾说:"你们(欧洲)希望更多地依赖北美能源平台,即我们在美国发现的巨大的石油和天然气资源,而不是通过乌克兰或俄罗斯的管道。"

3.通过欧洲去工业化,帮助工业重新回到美国本土,如:(一)美国破坏美国输油管和天然气价格是美国的4倍;(二)马克龙8月22日访问阿尔及利亚达成天然气协议后,美国提议对阿尔及利亚实施制裁, (iii) 10月22日经土耳其向欧洲输送俄罗斯天然气的TurkStream输油管道遭到破坏; (iv) 8月22日美国《减少通货膨胀法》从欧洲抽走资本。

4.欧元走弱,美元走强。 美元走强和美联储及时升息,创造了巨大的吸引力,吸引了来自世界各地的资本进入美国。 历史上只有两次美元高于欧元,都是在欧洲战争之后:北约轰炸塞尔维亚(欧元成为欧盟货币两个月后)和乌克兰。

5 . 为 继 阿富汗 之后 的 军事 工业 综合 体 创造 连续性 。

尽管自残,欧盟仍然无条件地支持乌克兰。 实际上,欧洲两个国家(乌克兰和德国N.S.)在2022年遭到攻击,北约帮助了非同盟乌克兰,但同盟德国却被忽视。 还有另外4场战争正在进行,例如也门战争夺去了半数人的生命,1600万人挨饿。 没人关心,因为沙特是盟友,战争是雷声公司游说出来的。 这跟正义无关 鲍里斯·约翰逊曾三次访问基辅,阻止泽伦斯基与俄罗斯进行和谈。 欧洲的领导人,跨大西洋(美国结盟的精英)寄希望于乌克兰击败俄罗斯,向华盛顿表示所做的工作。 Zelensky 被宣传为获得公众支持的英雄。

美国正在把欧洲和亚洲推向战争。 请记住,二战后,欧洲和亚洲遭受重创,但美国从大萧条中脱颖而出,成为世界领导者,美元成为世界储备货币。